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Slosson Written Expression Test (SWET)

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Slosson Written Expression Test (SWET) Portfolio/Performance-Based Assessment

Donald B. Hofler, Bradley T. Erford, William J. Amoriell

OUR PRICE-$205.00
Age: 8 – 17 Administration: 15 minutes Scoring Time: 10 - 15 minutes Individual or group

The SWET is a screening test designed to measure children’s spontaneous written expression skills. The test allows for description of the individual child’s authentic written expressive skills, and a comparison of the child’s performance to his or her age peers. The SWET, differs from many writing tests because student responses are analyzed in the context of an authentic composition, rather than a close-ended or short answer format. This format reduces the effects of guessing which may elevate the child’s score and provides an analysis of the student’s genuine writing capabilities.

The SWET’s dinosaur, space, and shipwreck themes are highly stimulating picture prompts that help tap student’s creative writing skills and are ideal for Portfolio/Performance-Based Assessment approaches. Teachers may desire to evaluate the progress their students make over the course of the school year and decide to administer the three equivalent SWET forms during the beginning, middle and end of the school year.

The standardized scoring system, featuring specially designed, user-friendly scoring and profile forms, yield subscale scores for spelling, capitalization, and punctuation, as well as two writing maturity measures: sentence length and type-token ratio.

The SWET yields a Written Expression Total Standard Score (TSS; Mean of 100 and Standard Deviation of 15) and subscale scores (Mean 10 and SD of 3), each of which convert easily to percentile ranks. The SWET was standardized on 1,913 children, aged 8 – 17. Equivalent form reliabilities and validity comparisons with other tests such as the Woodcock-Johnson: Tests of Achievement-Revised and WRAT-3 warrant use of the SWET as a quick reliable measure of written expression for children.

SWET-Complete Kit Includes: Manual, Student Response Forms:

A, B, C (25 each), Score Forms (25) B0149 - $205.00

Individual Components:

B0149-A SWET-Manual-$102.00

B0149-B SWET-Student Response Forms A,B,C (25 each) -$91.00

B0149-C SWET-Student Response Forms-Either A, B or C (25 each) $34.00

B0149-D SWET-Scoring Profile Forms (25)-$34.00