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Home Distributed by Dr. James Battle Tests Writing & Spelling Stetson Spelling Program: Second Edition

Stetson Spelling Program: Second Edition

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http://jamesbattle.com/images/new%20images%20proed/Stetson.jpgStetson Spelling Program: Second Edition

Elton Stetson

OUR PRICE: $100.00


In this effective program, the 3,000 words most frequently used in writing are taught in the order that they are most often used. The words are divided into 15 levels, each further divided into lessons of 10 to 16 words. Each level has a pretest and posttest, and review lessons are included.

The program uses only strategies proven most effective: pretesting, immediate feedback and self-correction, visual imagery of the whole word, as well as spelling clusters, mnemonics, and visual memory. Research comparing the program with traditional spelling textbook programs showed an average increase of 91% on weekly test scores, 42% on tests of long-term memory, and 56% on standardized tests of written spelling.

The Instructor's Manual gives complete instructions on use of the program. All word lists and student support materials are on blackline masters and use primary-size letters. Teachers can make transparencies or duplicate for handouts. Support materials include Pretest and Posttest Forms, Personal Spelling Dictionary, Spelling Certificate, and Individual Growth Chart.


Complete Program Includes:
’s Manual, and Three blackline masters books. (B0052) $100.00