James Battle

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Books: Language Activities

Phonological Awareness Training For Reading-2nd Edition

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Phonological Awareness Training for Reading, Second Edition (PATR-2)


AVAILABLE NOW! C06675-$245.00

Phonological Awareness Training for Reading–Second Edition-
is designed to increase the level of phonological awareness in young children. The program is divided into four phases:

  • warm-up
  • sound blending
  • sound segmenting
  • reading and spelling

The warm-up phase includes rhyming activities to focus attention on the sounds in words. Following the warm-up phase, the formal training program begins with activities to blend individual sounds to make words. The third phase addresses the more difficult segmenting activities. In the final phase of instruction, students use letters to represent the phonemes in words and learn to use their phonological awareness skills in reading and spelling.

Appropriate for either individual or group work, Phonological Awareness Training for Reading, Second Edition takes about 12 to 14 weeks with short sessions 3 to 4 times per week.

New features of the second edition include:

  • Newly updated research
  • Easy to follow lesson plan format which includes teacher scripts
  • Student Progress Record
  • CD-ROM which includes reproducible Appendixes A – H and the “Phoneme Pronunciation” audio file

Target Group: At-risk children in Kindergarten needing help to prepare for reading in 1st grade and 1st or 2nd grade students having difficulties learning to read.

Complete Kit includes: Training Manual, 70 Letter Cards (boxed), 52 Rhyming Picture Cards (boxed), 102 Picture Cards (boxed), 36 Word Cards (boxed), 3 Full-color 11x17” Game Boards, 9 cubes, 6 large colored tokens, large custom die and CD-ROM, all in a sturdy storage box.



Multiple Word Meanings

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Multiple Word Meanings

OUR PRICE: C9337-$105.00

Multiple Word Meanings is for use by students in elementary grades and above who have limited understanding of words, printed and spoken, that have more than one meaning (e.g., stalk, brush) This program is a revision of two popular series, Many Meanings and Multiple Meanings. Now combined into one comprehensive program, Multiple Word Meanings is designed for ease of use while retaining the salient aspects of the incorporated materials. Its restructuring provides the special learner with a seamless transition from less complex language structures to the difficult challenges of language development, especially semantics and syntax. The language structures found in Multiple Word Meanings closely parallel those used in Stephen Quigley's hugely popular Reading Milestones (also sold by PRO-ED, Inc.). Objectives and standards are provided for teachers to individualize their evaluations for each student's needs. In this way, Multiple Word Meanings allows for a great deal of flexibility in both the delivery of instruction and its viability.


Vocabulary Building Exercises for the Young Adult

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Vocabulary Building Exercises for the Young Adult —

Complete Kit OUR PRICE: C010170-$115.00


  • Vocabulary Building Exercises for the Young Adult-Book A-C010170-A -$63.00
  • Vocabulary Building Exercises for the Young Adult-Book B-C010170-B-$63.00

A Resource of Reproducible Worksheets Vocabulary Building Exercises for the Young Adult-2 is designed for the student who needs to build useful, meaningful vocabulary to succeed in everyday living. The author has developed the lessons for teenagers and adults who are reading at below-average levels. The vocabulary words included in these reproducible worksheets were originally submitted by students, who gathered them from newspapers and magazines that are accessible to most young adults. The students encountered these words but did not understand them.

Young adults with limited reading ability gain courage and confidence when they complete the worksheet exercises and then apply more meaning to current reading materials. These workbooks are useful for students studying English as a second language (ESL), those with learning disabilities, those with hearing impairments, and those who are below average in reading.


Reading Grade-Level 3 (Lessons 1-9)
Reading Grade-Level 4 (Lessons 10-23)
Reading Grade-Level 5 (Lessons 24-41)


Reading Grade-Level 6 (Lessons 1-19)
Reading Grade-Level 7-8 (Lessons 20-39)


Spatial Awareness Skills Program

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Spatial Awareness Skills Program (SASP)

Spatial Awareness Skills Program (SASP)

Jerome Rosner

Price:$ 177.00

Formerly the Blue Readiness Book



The Spatial Awareness Skills Program (SASP) assesses and teaches the fundamental analysis and organization abilities that enable children to make sense out of arithmetic and, more generally, to address written work and multistep listening and reading comprehension tasks in an efficient, step-by-step fashion. SASP is an updated, expanded version of the visual skills component (Blue Book) of PREP. PREP focused on analysis skills; SASP focuses on analysis and organization skills.



SASP is intended for use by occupational therapists, developmental optometrists, and teachers who work with pre-kindergarten through elementary-school-age LD, ADD, or dyslexic children, individually or in groups. SASP consists of two components: the Test, which enables you to identify and determine the performance (instructional) level of those children who lack adequate spatial awareness skills; and the Curriculum, which provides methods for training those skills.

The Curriculum is divided into two major sections: activities to improve spatial analysis and organizational skills, and activities to teach the words (verbal organizers) that support this process. Many of the activities are accompanied by worksheets that may be given to parents for supplemental use at home.

TARGET GROUP: Pre-Kindergarten through elementary children who have LD, ADD, or dyslexia

COMPLETE PROGRAM: Curriculum Manual, Instrument Manual, Instrument Student Response Booklets (25), all in a sturdy storage box. B8865-$177.00

B8865-C Student Response Booklets (25)-$70.00


words: integrated decoding & spelling insturction-2nd edition

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Words: Integrated Decoding and Spelling Instruction Based on Word Origin and Word Structure - Second Edition

OUR PRICE: C12626-$56.00

Now includes a CD with PDFs of all reproducible items!


TARGET GROUP: Grades 3-8; Students in need of specific, systematic instruction in reading.

This is a new edition of Marcia Henry’s much-loved book, WORDS, now includes reproducible student activities and expanded progress-monitoring tools. WORDS emphasizes decoding and spelling based on word origin and word structure, thus strengthening students' ability to decode, comprehend, ans spell. Students will master new vocabulary across the core curriculum subjects. Suitable for individuals or small groups.

WORDS teaches:

  • Syllable patterns, such as VC/CV and V/CV
  • Anglo-Saxon, Latin, and Greek word roots
  • Prefixes and suffixes
  • Strategies for decoding and spelling long, unfamiliar words

Designed for:

  • Children and adults with reading and spelling skills of third grade and above
  • Students in general education and learning disability classrooms
  • Individuals or small groups


  • Lesson plans
  • Teacher scripts
  • Objectives
  • Multiple examples of the concepts taught
  • Pretests, posttests, and unit quizzes
  • Reproducible materials on CD-ROM

Complete Kit Includes: Manual and CD-C12626-$56.00





My Words-complete program

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My Words – Complete Program

OUR PRICE: C13557-$60.00

TARGET GROUP: Elementary through Adult Basic Education; students with a reading level of approximately 0-3.0

Now on CD, with PDFs of all reproducible items!

TARGET GROUP: Elementary through Adult Basic Education; students with a reading level of approximately 0-3.0

The original 10 My Words workbooks containing 750 reproducible activity sheets are now on CD-ROM. Each workbook teaches students to read, spell, and write 60 frequently used basic vocabulary words using a test and a record sheet, using these techniques:

  • match words to word
  • match words to picture
  • fill in missing letters
  • write the word