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Vocabulary Building Exercises for young adults

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Vocabulary Building Exercises for the Young Adult — Complete KitVocabulary Building Exercises for the Young Adult — Complete Kit

OUR PRICE: C010170-$115.00


  • Vocabulary Building Exercies for the Young Adult- Book A-C010170-A -$63.00
  • Vocabulary Building Exercies for the Young Adult-Book B- C010170-B-$63.00

A Resource of Reproducible Worksheets Vocabulary Building Exercises for the Young Adult-2 is designed for the student who needs to build useful, meaningful vocabulary to succeed in everyday living. The author has developed the lessons for teenagers and adults who are reading at below-average levels. The vocabulary words included in these reproducible worksheets were originally submitted by students, who gathered them from newspapers and magazines that are accessible to most young adults. The students encountered these words but did not understand them.

Young adults with limited reading ability gain courage and confidence when they complete the worksheet exercises and then apply more meaning to current reading materials. These workbooks are useful for students studying English as a second language (ESL), those with learning disabilities, those with hearing impairments, and those who are below average in reading.


Reading Grade-Level 3 (Lessons 1-9)
Reading Grade-Level 4 (Lessons 10-23)
Reading Grade-Level 5 (Lessons 24-41)


Reading Grade-Level 6 (Lessons 1-19)
Reading Grade-Level 7-8 (Lessons 20-39)



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Multiple Word Meanings –

OUR PRICE: C9337-$105.00

Multiple Word Meanings is for use by students in elementary grades and above who have limited understanding of words, printed and spoken, that have more than one meaning (e.g., stalk, brush) This program is a revision of two popular series, Many Meanings and Multiple Meanings. Now combined into one comprehensive program, Multiple Word Meanings is designed for ease of use while retaining the salient aspects of the incorporated materials. Its restructuring provides the special learner with a seamless transition from less complex language structures to the difficult challenges of language development, especially semantics and syntax. The language structures found in Multiple Word Meanings closely parallel those used in Stephen Quigley's hugely popular Reading Milestones (also sold by PRO-ED, Inc.). Objectives and standards are provided for teachers to individualize their evaluations for each student's needs. In this way, Multiple Word Meanings allows for a great deal of flexibility in both the delivery of instruction and its viability.


Teaching Study Skills to Students with Learning Problems: Second Edition

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Teaching Study Skills to Students with Learning Problems: Second Edition


OUR PRICE: $48.00



A Teachers Guide for Meeting Diverse Needs

The second edition of this comprehensive book provides educators in grades K-12 with strategies and teaching methods for helping students with learning problems develop, maintain and generalize twelve study skills essential for successful learning in today’s curriculum. Key features of this expanded and updated book include:

· Significance of study skills within NCLB and IDEA mandates
· Response to intervention, three-tiered learning and the importance of study skills
· Study skills usage within standards-based curriculum
· Study skills development and use with English language learners
· IEP goals for teaching study skills
· Significance of study skills as life-long learning and post-secondary transition abilities
· Hundreds of examples for teaching students study skills including numerous study skill and
learning strategies ready for classroom use by students and teachers

This book also contains dozens of reproducible forms and guides for easy implementation of study skills including the very popular Study Skills Inventory. Study skills discussed include test taking, library usage, organizational skills, report writing, oral presentations, time management, self-management and more. This is a must-have resource for educators teaching students with learning problems to help meet the increased academic, social and test-performance demands currently mandated in today’s schools.

171 pages, 2007, softcover. (A12106) $48.00