Achieving Success In Parenting

In this half or one day workshop, Dr. Battle, Ph.D. will show parents how to achieve success while serving as primary care providers for their children.

Some of the topics that will be covered in the workshop are:

Importance of Self-Esteem
Developmental Stages of Self-Esteem
Purpose and Behavior
Birth Order and Behavior
Understanding Misbehavior
Strategies That Enhance Children’s Self-Esteem and Achievement
Promoting Self-Esteem and Behavioral Self-Control

In the workshop participants will be shown how to:

Use cognitive strategies to enhance children’s self-esteem
Employ cognitive strategies that work best for children at different developmental levels
Use the cognitive strategies of Unconditional Positive Regard, Mutual Respect and Encouragement to promote positive development
Employ the cognitive strategy of Reflective Listening to achieve problem resolution
Use the A-B-C Paradigm to control impulses appropriately and achieve behavioral self-control
Use behavioral monitoring schedules to enhance academic achievement and promote behavioral self-control

Additional Benefits of Attending:

Written certification of participation
A confidential profile of self-esteem scores
An opportunity to purchase materials published by James Battle And Associates at a discount of 20%
An opportunity to become a member of the Self-Esteem Institute of Canada at a discount of 20%


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