Preventing And Eradicating Racism
In this half, one or two day workshop, Dr. Battle, Ph.D. will provide participants insights that they can use to prevent and eradicate racism.

Some of the topics that will be covered in the workshop are:

Understanding Racism
Developmental Stages of Racial Prejudice
Promoting Racial Acceptance And Caring
Strategies For Promoting Racial Harmony

In this workshop participants will be shown how to:

Define racism and list correlates of the construct
Administer the Race Relations Inventory For Children and Adults
Score, Profile, Classify and Interpret Race Relations results for children and adults
Identify the effects that racist practices have on the self-esteem of victims
Use the cognitive strategies of mutual respect and encouragement to promote racial caring, acceptance and harmony among all groups
Use self-esteem to overcome the negative effects of racism and achieve desired results
Overcome racism and achieve success
Use the “They Said” statement to overcome the negative effects of racism and achieve success
Use the A-B-C Paradigm to control impulses and increase the probability of emitting behavior that is self-enhancing rather than self-defeating
Use the “Show Them” poem to overcome the negative effects of racism and achieve desired levels of success

Additional Benefits for Attending:

Written certification of participation
An opportunity to purchase materials published by James Battle and Associates at a discount of 20%
An opportunity to become a member of the Self-Esteem Institute of Canada at a 20% discount
A confidential profile of self-esteem scores


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