Dear Colleague:

You are eligible to purchase a SEIC franchise. Benefits of SEIC franchises include:

Also, as a franchise owner you will be able to obtain the following from the home branch of the Self-Esteem Institute of Canada on a fee for service basis:

Assistance in obtaining funding to operate employment training programs.
- I have operated nineteen consecutive employment programs for the Federal Human Resources Development Department; the amount provided by federal and provincial Human Resources Development departments to project coordinators to operate employment programs generally range between $150,000.00 to $300,000.00 per project. The services that my staff and I will make ourselves available to provide for you include:

  1. Proposal development, written submissions, implementation and operation
  2. Conducting workshops and courses for project coordinators, staff, instructors, and
  3. Resource materials
    - monitoring tools (e.g. Culture-Free Self-Esteem Inventories)
    - Instructional tools (e.g. Mutual Respect Inventories; Employment Readiness Inventory; Encouragement Inventories)
  4. Monitoring
    - pre, post assessment
    - data analyses
  5. Report writing
    - monthly
    - program end
    - follow-up
  6. Budget development and accounting
    - monthly
    - program end
    - final audit
  7. Consultations with,
    - Human Resources Development officers
    - Community Partners
    - Social service agencies
    - Community groups and organizations

As an owner, the Self-Esteem Institute of Canada expect you to operate your franchise in concert with the SEIC philosophy, vision, mission, goals and objectives. To make application for your franchise simply contact our office for a Application for Franchise Form and return it with your check or money order to:

Dr. James Battle, Ph.D.
President, SEIC
Suite 207
10240-124 Street
Edmonton AB T5N 3W6
Telephone: (780)488-1362; toll free 1-800-463-9144
Fax: (780)482-3332

I thank you very much for your consideration of my offer and look forward to receipt of your reply. I look forward to working cooperatively with you in our joint efforts to promote the self-esteem and well-being or others.

With Mutual Respect,

James Battle, Ph.D.
President, SEIC
Dr. James Battle & Associates Ltd.


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