Self-Esteem Instructor Certification Course Description

In this course participants will be shown how to:

Define self-esteem, list correlates of the construct and teach strategies that promote positive perceptions of self-worth and well-being,
Assess, score, profile, classify and interpret Self-Esteem results of children, youth and adults
Administer Self-Esteem inventories
Score, summarize findings and clarify recommendations in written reports
Identify personality types derived from self-esteem profiles, employ interactive strategies to promote caring and reduce violence
Teach the cognitive skills of Mutual Respect and Encouragement
Assess the Mutual Respect and Encouragement levels of teachers parents children, adults, caregivers and service providers
Score, profile, classify and interpret Mutual Respect results, Encouragement results, Expectation results, Self-Control results, Success Potential test results, Self-Report test results
Use the strategy of Reflective Listening to achieve problem resolution
Assess Listening Skills for students, children, parents and adults
Score, profile, classify and interpret Listening Skills results
Apply and use the A-B-C Paradigm, Ten Questions Procedure, Depression Reduction Technique, Dot Focusing Procedure, I Care, I Worry Statements, Things To Do and Say Booklet, Thought-Perception-Behavior Procedure, Success Strategies, the Success Formula, effect responses to “Put Downs”, Learning Strategies, and Positive Action Strategies
Establish and assess Realistic Expectations, Behavioral Self-Control, Personal Adjustment
Develop and implement Behavior Monitoring Schedules, Self-Monitoring Schedules and Personal Game Plans
Conduct Self-Esteem Sessions and Workshops
Write research reports
Develop and implement Effective Self-Esteem Enhancement Program
Conduct literature reviews and write research papers that address the construct of Self-Esteem

Additional Benefits for Attending:

Written certification of participation
An opportunity to purchase materials published by James Battle and Associates at a discount of 20%
An opportunity to become a member of the Self-Esteem Institute of Canada at a 20% discount
A confidential profile of self-esteem scores


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